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How to clean the oven?
Puff, Cookies, Chiffon Cake, Roast Chicken, ribs...... The oven has brought a gourmet food for our table. The oven has been roasted and barbecued for some time, and the original clean and beautiful oven is also dirty because of the hard work. These dirt is accumulated in the process of baking and grilling oil and charred food, if not cleaning the oven, then we continue to use, will make our food is not only easy to bring pollution, fire hazards, and will cause serious harm to our health. Therefore, it is urgent to clean up the oven.

First determine whether the oven has its own cleaning function. Some of the oven is with cleaning function, as long as the landlord said that the trial of the oven, start its cleaning function in use after a period of time, it will be heated to a certain temperature, then the residue of food and oil will be reduced to ashes, when you touch it, clean as new, can play the role of cleaning the oven. Of course, the price of this kind of oven will be more expensive, and the general family seldom buys this kind of oven with its own cleaning function.

Finally, it is done inside the oven with clean water.

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